7 Reasons Why You Should Do HIIT Training!

HIIT, also known as High Intensity Interval Training, has been on the rise in the recent years, especially in group fitness settings. Contrary to popular belief, HIIT is not just for in-shape athletes and many populations can benefit from it! Here are some reasons why: 1) Burn More in Less Time If you usually feel… Continue reading

Benefits of Incorporating Weights into Your Workout

Every active individual has their own way of exercising. With so many different activities such as running, team sports, obstacle course racing, there are countless ways to stay active. All forms of exercise should be, at the very least, put into consideration when you are wanting to change things up or you are just getting… Continue reading

Mobility: The Benefits & How To Incorporate it in Your Life!

Mobility, not to be confused with flexibility, is the muscle’s ability to move in general. While flexibility helps to lengthen the muscles, mobility helps the body in various ways such as strength, coordination, and balance. Mobility training teaches us how to properly engage our muscles and practice full range of motion, which in return can… Continue reading

What Shoe Brand Should You Workout In? 

When selecting a workout shoe, there are multiple things to consider. For example: What style of workout will it be? What is the anatomy of your foot? What is the frequency of your workouts? Can you benefit from lacing your shoes differently? Before we list our preferred list of shoe brands, let’s talk more about… Continue reading

Body Positivity: How to Appreciate Your Body While Trying to Improve It

Easier said than done. I know. We all have struggled with our own insecurities at some point & many times find ourselves overly critical of our body. This is especially true in the beginning of fitness journeys. I am sure you already have the image in your head: standing in front of the mirror, gripping… Continue reading

5 Killer Workout Playlists You Never Knew You Needed!

Your workout playlist is more important than you would think! When creating your playlist, you should be mindful of what type of workout you will be doing and what your typical music preferences are. If you are going on a long run, you may want to choose songs with an upbeat tempo and motivational lyrics.… Continue reading

Should You Workout Everyday?

It’s true that frequency and consistency are important when it comes to exercising. But does that mean we need to exercise every day to improve our health? While some would say 30 minutes of activity each day is essential to a healthy lifestyle, others say that it is just as important to give our bodies… Continue reading

Stretches for the Everyday Runner

Every runner knows that consistency is important to maintain or improve their running. The same goes for recovering from your cardio. This recovery not only includes time from your regular outdoor jog, but also stretching and massaging your muscles from intense exercising. WHY DO YOU NEED TO STRETCH?Every workout creates micro-tears in the muscle. Proper… Continue reading

Tips to Keep Your Motivation To Workout

During this time in quarantine, you may have found your motivation to workout has not been up to par. Here are some tips to help you stay focused! Write Down Your Workouts Beforehand Creating a game plan will help you remain focused and get the most out of your workout. When creating your workout, include… Continue reading

No Equipment? No Problem!

With all fitness facilities closing in the state and everyone working from home for the next few weeks, it is time to create your own gym! You won’t be able to drive to the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods anytime soon, so here are some household items that can be substituted for gym equipment! WATER BOTTLE… Continue reading

Healthy Sleep Leads to Health You Keep!

Written by: Ryan Robertson Sleep! We often don’t get enough of it yet we always talk about it…well that and money of course. The great thing about getting more sleep is that is more easily obtain than more money. Contrary to popular belief, being tired all the time is not just something you should get… Continue reading

Do Something!

Written by: Ryan Robertson When it comes to training there a TON of options that you can chose from & several methodologies that you can follow. All of these options can be overwhelming for someone just starting out or trying to get back in the saddle. I tend to look at exercising much like investing;… Continue reading